Greek Theater Courtyard Renovation Project

DPHS’s Greek Theater is a hub of student activity with pep rallies and lunch time activities. The area above the Greek is currently in need of a major renovation. It’s adjacent to the cafeteria so many students enjoy sitting outside while eating lunch. This will be the Foundation’s inaugural fundraising project, benefiting ALL students! We want to give this area a makeover with added bench seating and tables so more of our students have a place to sit and eat during lunch and Greek Theater activities. Due to the drought, most of the grass has died leaving only a dirty and dusty area. With the addition of new landscaping, hardscaping, and a shade structure, we will enhance the area to make it a special place where are students will want to hang out and socialize with other students. This project will provide more useable space for DPHS students.

Please help us accomplish this beautification by donating today!