Charger Patio Project


Product Description

Charger Patio Project
DPHS Foundation’s Showcase Project

Ask DP students what their favorite part of high school is and they will say, “Hanging out with my friends!” The Charger Patio Project, the DPHS Foundation’s showcase project will create a beautiful new space for students to eat and socialize in the area around DPHS’s Greek Theater.  Fresh hardscaping, landscaping, and the addition of picnic tables with umbrellas, benches, and a shade structure will make this an attractive and comfortable area for students to hang out and to have lunch.

The multi-phase project is the inaugural campus upgrade project spearheaded by the DPHS Foundation.  Building on the success of  DP’s 50th Anniversary Celebration, the DPHS Foundation will reach out to all members of the DP community to support this significant improvement to the DP campus which will benefit all DP students.  To find out more information and how you can get involved, contact DPHS President Rayanna Cole-Dombroski at 805.680.1463,rayannac@sbtravel.com  or 1st Vice President Martha Donelan at 805.451.1282.